CHAN Healthcare Exclusion Monitor

Comprehensive Screening for Clinicians, the Workforce, and Vendors

Healthcare organizations are required to perform periodic screening, validation, and subsequent reporting of physicians, employees, and vendors for individuals and entities excluded from participation in federal healthcare programs.

  • Best practices for healthcare organizations recommend establishing a robust monthly screening process.
  • Screening is a tedious process and can draw precious staff time away from high-risk compliance areas.
  • If the task isn’t managed effectively, the risks of penalties, fines, and issues with payer negotiations and reimbursements can increase significantly.

How We Can Help

The CHAN Healthcare Exclusion Monitor solution simplifies the process of performing monthly required screening of physicians, employees, and vendors. The solution:

  • Empowers a healthcare organization to focus compliance program staff on other high-risk issues
  • Automates a fully supported monthly screening of client data
  • Enables continuous monitoring of employee, provider, and vendor populations
  • Virtually eliminates the time and resources devoted to screening and verification
  • Allows a client to have user access to screening data and validation activity/results
  • Enables a client to perform upfront screening of new physicians, employees, and vendors from within our software
  • Creates a repository for data and reporting in the event of third-party audits
View an Example of the Exclusion Monitor Dashboard

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