IT Audit

Assess and Mitigate Healthcare IT Risks

The healthcare industry has become a target for cybersecurity threats, and that trend is expected to continue. The range of risks are widening and include data loss, ransomware threats, third-party risks, cloud computing threats, HIPAA privacy and security, and other cyberthreats. Patient personal and health data, operational data, business systems, and software all are at risk.

CHAN Healthcare IT audit services help healthcare organizations evaluate and address their cybersecurity and IT risks. Beginning with a comprehensive IT risk assessment, we can also assist with remediation efforts and on-going monitoring.

Our dedicated IT audit professionals possess expertise, advanced certifications, and specialized tools to perform IT Internal Audits and support IT consulting projects with staffing and project management.

Our teams understand how technology risks affect business objectives. Their expertise in the healthcare industry includes deep experience with EHR implementation and post-implementation audits, cybersecurity assessments, meaningful use attestation readiness reviews, HIPAA privacy and security audits, and risk consulting projects to address other healthcare IT risks.