Healthcare Proactive Detection

Bring Order to Compliance Chaos With CHAN Proactive Detection

When analyzing medical records and attempting to spot high-risk claims, healthcare organizations often are limited by internal systems, time, and resources. In addition, when profiling their organizations’ utilization and billing patterns against industry norms, healthcare organizations often lack valid peer comparison data.

How We Can Help

CHAN Healthcare, a subsidiary of Crowe Horwath LLP, has developed CHAN Proactive Detection software.

This advanced software monitors claims and payment data in real time, helping healthcare providers detect issues and mitigate risk. The added visibility provided by CHAN Proactive Detection software can help you:

  • Take pre-emptive action to manage compliance more efficiently
  • Improve future performance by correcting processes and monitoring
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory penalties and fines

CHAN Proactive Detection software provides a comprehensive view of risk by analyzing 100 percent of your inpatient and outpatient claims data. The software runs 837 claims and 835 payment data through a series of sophisticated tests to diagnose potential coding and billing vulnerabilities. It also features a customizable dashboard, trending reports, and access to specific claims as well as workflows that enable targeted tracking of activity on special accounts.