Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

Helping Healthcare Organizations Identify, Resolve, and Monitor Regulatory Compliance Risk

In the race to stay competitive and meet the stringent demands of our ever-changing regulatory environment, healthcare organizations are engaging with third parties more than ever. Although it may be compelling to reap the rewards of these collaborations, identifying, quantifying, and mitigating compliance risk can be an overwhelming task. State and federal regulatory agencies have stepped up efforts to find fraud, waste, and abuse by data-mining claims submitted by healthcare organizations and their third-party providers.

Many healthcare organizations might have difficulty knowing which compliance risks apply to them. In addition, using a traditional sampling approach, most organizations are unable to determine the root cause of a particular issue and therefore are unable to fix it going forward.

CHAN Healthcare, a subsidiary of Crowe Horwath LLP, has developed regulatory compliance solutions to help you identify, resolve, and monitor risk.

How We Can Help

This solution simplifies the process of performing the required monthly screening of physicians, employees, and vendors.
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This service can help healthcare organizations assess their processes, improve internal systems and controls, and develop enhanced capabilities to monitor 340B programs.
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This solution monitors claims and payment data in real time, helping healthcare providers detect issues and mitigate risk.
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