M&D Globalization

Helping M&D Companies With Global Objectives

Today, M&D companies of all sizes are dealing with expanding global supply chain issues. Access to the global network of Crowe Horwath International offices in more than 100 countries helps Crowe Horwath LLP deliver the right team of specialists with localized knowledge that can help organizations deal with issues in specific locations.

Crowe Horwath International Globalization

Global expansion is not only focused on finding lower-cost labor and production facilities. M&D companies also are employing globalization strategies to develop a much broader set of competitive advantages such as:

  • Finding new customers
  • Improving access to raw materials
  • Identifying new investment or acquisition opportunities
  • Locating unique intellectual property
  • Enhancing global customer service
  • Improving global supply chains

The Crowe Perspective on M&D Globalization

At Crowe, we recognize that for today’s M&D businesses, globalization is about growth and creating competitive advantage. With those opportunities also come increased risks and complexities such as intellectual property and information theft, vendor corruption, local jurisdiction regulatory compliance, cross-border supply chains, and acquisition integration challenges.

“I have found Crowe presents a very compelling value proposition. The quality of services they offer is excellent and they are able to offer them at a highly competitive price.”

– Gary Smagala, Vice President of Global Taxation, JMC Steel Group

Crowe M&D Globalization Services

  • Global M&A
  • Global supply chain
  • International tax
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Crowe Horwath International – A Global Presence

Crowe Horwath LLP is the leading U.S. member firm of Crowe Horwath International, a global accounting network. The member firms of Crowe Horwath International assist multinational businesses in meeting their governance, risk, and compliance needs. The network:

  • Includes more than 150 independent member firms with 650 offices in more than 100 countries
  • Is recognized as one of the largest international networks based on global revenue
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