M&D Mergers and Acquisitions

Achieving Results From M&D Mergers and Acquisitions

Many manufacturing and distribution companies are devoting significant time and resources to merger and acquisition (M&A) deal-making as a core part of their growth strategy. Important objectives may include acquisitions to drive global reach, consolidations to optimize a national distribution platform, or vertical expansions into the supply chain.

Yet many M&D leaders acknowledge that their M&A transactions often fail to achieve the financial outcomes and operational synergies that were expected as part of the investment. For manufacturing-associated M&A deals, the operational and logistical complexities often are easily addressed on an investor slideshow, but extremely challenging to address in practice. This is especially apparent when the nuances of a global supply chain and the operational difficulties of post-merger integration must be addressed.

How Crowe Can Help

Crowe Horwath LLP has extensive experience helping manufacturers and distributors through all phases of the M&A transaction value chain. The likelihood of transactions meeting financial and operational expectations can be improved through the use of focused improvement efforts and a strong deal cycle playbook that addresses the seven critical pillars of M&A success:

7 Pillars of Value

1 Structure, Governance, and Accountability
How well do we manage our deal pipeline?
2 Strategic Clarity
Early on, do we have shared clarity?
3 Execution Efficiency (Process Management)
Overall, how efficiently do we execute on transactions?
4 Operating Continuity
How well do we manage and maintain our existing business in the process of doing deals?
5 Synergy Capture
What are the typical areas of synergy our deals focus on?
6 People/Culture Management
How well do we identify people/culture risks?
7 Scalable Resources
Core team; core M&A execution capability?

Crowe M&A Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

Crowe offers responsive support and professional expertise to help companies more effectively manage all aspects of an M&A transaction.

  • Due diligence
  • M&A integration
  • Tax structuring
  • Valuation
  • Ownership transition
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