M&D Performance Improvement

Driving Profitability Through Operational Improvement

Operating executives in M&D companies are searching for more than just process improvement – they need profitability improvement, too. Although this is not a new imperative, it is easier to discuss than to implement. The key is to do so without adversely affecting safety, quality, delivery performance, or customer satisfaction.

How Crowe Can Help

Our performance improvement teams help M&D companies identify the root causes of poor performance, and then design and implement solutions aimed at streamlining processes, reducing waste, improving management effectiveness, enhancing revenue, and addressing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With decades of direct operational M&D experience, Crowe Horwath LLP performance specialists can help you:

  • Identify the top operational levers that can drive measureable financial improvement.
  • Focus on solutions and the most effective approaches, rather than on reusing specific tools (such as Kaizen events) that might not be best suited for the challenge being addressed.
  • Clarify and prioritize competing issues, when internal resources do not have the time to tackle all of the opportunities.
  • Access critical operational data and analyze it effectively to identify operational improvement insights.
  • Move quickly to address liquidity or other urgent issues, while avoiding hasty decisions that could lead to suboptimal results.

The Right Levers – and the Right Tools to Move Them

Drawing on a broad array of solutions, Crowe performance consulting teams identify the specific tools and methods that can produce a financial impact for our M&D clients. In addition to making recommendations, Crowe uses a hands-on approach that pursues bottom-line improvement while establishing a foundation for long-term, sustainable growth.

“Very hands-on approach. Expertise in manufacturing/operations. Ability to work and connect with entire range of organization from shop floor to top management. Nonintrusive approach that earns respect from participant employees focused on doing their normal activities in addition to supporting project requirements. Conservative approach relative to financials and payback. Executable action plans.”

– Brian Lewallen, Vice President & General Manager, Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing

Crowe M&D Performance Improvement Solutions

Crowe helps clients address a wide range performance improvement initiatives:

  • Operational excellence, lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma
  • Supply chain
  • Selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses
  • Working capital
  • Demand planning; sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supplier viability
  • Restructuring
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