ERP for Automotive Suppliers

A New-Generation ERP Tool for Automotive Suppliers

Tiered suppliers in the automotive industry are facing a crucial moment as they must adapt to a rapidly changing global economy while simultaneously responding to new demands and challenges from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As the challenges mount, many are discovering three unfortunate facts:

  • Their aging enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are simply not up to the task;
  • Minor fixes and version upgrades can no longer mask their systems’ inadequacies; and
  • New systems from traditional ERP vendors are both expensive and difficult to adapt to the industry’s highly specialized requirements.

Fortunately, there is now a powerful, cost-effective ERP solution that enables suppliers to respond quickly to changing requirements and manage their internal work processes more efficiently: the Crowe Automotive Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics®.

Why Choose Crowe and Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics AX, now known as Dynamics 365 for Operations, with the Crowe Automotive Accelerator supports and integrates a broad range of industry-specific functions such as:

  • EDI
  • Release accounting
  • ILVS support
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Program management
  • Engineering change management
  • Bar-code labeling
  • Supply-chain management

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been described as a generational shift in business software. When implemented by experienced teams from Crowe Horwath LLP, this flexible ERP platform can empower automotive suppliers to:

  • Reduce time to market;
  • Increase production throughput;
  • Improve overall resource utilization;
  • More effectively link supply chains to planning and production; and
  • Help generate additional revenue growth from both current and new customers.

The Crowe Commitment to the Automotive Industry

Many software vendors promise support for Microsoft® products, but a successful ERP implementation depends on much more than technical competence alone. With manufacturing experience going back 70 years and technology consulting experience that spans more than 30 years, Crowe has always been heavily invested in the automotive industry, developing exceptionally deep and specialized knowledge of the challenges of transportation businesses in general and automotive suppliers in particular.

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics, Crowe also focuses its resources on many automotive industry-specific issues such as supply chain optimization, IT implementation, agile and lean manufacturing, improved product life cycle tracking, and overall performance improvement.

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