M&D Tax Services

Uncovering Tax Opportunities for M&D Businesses

Market pressures in the diverse manufacturing and distribution industry sectors are immense. Implementing tax-efficient strategies and the right global tax structure is critical to maximizing operational effectiveness.

At Crowe Horwath LLP, we put our global manufacturing and supply chain experience to work to help companies identify, design, and implement cost-effective federal, state and local, and international tax solutions.

How Crowe Can Help

Acquisitions, managing excess capacity, controlling labor costs, and identifying profitable growth areas all present opportunities from a tax perspective. Determining the best approach to facility expansion or management, considering regional opportunities in developing markets, and creating jobs require in depth knowledge of tax regulations. Executing these events with effective tax strategies can make a meaningful difference in organizational profitability.

Crowe helps M&D businesses address these opportunities through a combination of specialized industry focus, comprehensive tax knowledge, and innovative technology solutions.

Crowe M&D Tax Services

Crowe can help M&D businesses address critical challenges in domestic and international tax jurisdictions and take advantage of opportunities to improve financial performance through sound tax strategies. The most common and impactful tax strategies relating to M&D organizations include:

“Crowe's team came together quickly and has been focused on our needs. They have remained extremely responsive, and the quality of their work has been very high. The first-line work is well done and Crowe's review process gives me a high degree of confidence in our results. While not critical, I also feel that Crowe has been extremely cost effective.”

– Brian Cooper, CFO, Westell Technologies Inc.

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