Information Technology Advisory

Information Technology Advisory Services Help Provide a Positive Return on Your Investment

With information technology (IT) playing a critical role in virtually all businesses, the ability to effectively assess and integrate IT functions is crucial to the success of any merger or acquisition. In such an environment, poor communication between business leaders and technical teams and a lack of common references, priorities, and expectations can greatly complicate the integration effort.

Crowe Horwath LLP provides solutions that bring together disparate IT operations into an overall portfolio-wide approach that helps you achieve your objectives while minimizing the total cost of ownership. Crowe’s comprehensive approach includes highly effective solutions for every aspect of IT management, especially those that involve merging and consolidating resources:

  • IT diagnostic. Identify key risks and opportunities for leveraging IT within individual businesses or across an entire portfolio.
  • IT assessment/due diligence. A structured exploration of systems, integrations, and other issues that are designed to uncover hidden risks and opportunities in the portfolio.
  • Business system assessment. In-depth, portfolio-wide evaluation of suites of system tools provides a foundation for evaluating major initiatives.
  • Strategic IT road map. An effective bridge for merging IT functions within the portfolio, including the stages of IT strategy, decision making, and execution planning.
  • System selection. A proven and pragmatic approach that quickly guides the organization toward the best critical business systems.
  • Program and project management. Helps the project progress in a coordinated and well managed fashion, tracking progress and retaining focus on the end goal.
  • System implementation. Uses proven methodologies to anticipate issues and reduce the risk of going over budget, missing deadlines, or failing to deliver on promises.
  • Custom application development. Leverages decades of experience with known platforms to develop custom-built solutions to address specific portfolio challenges.
  • Change management. A structured approach to transitioning merged or acquired organizations to a desired future state by aligning expectations and integrating teams.
  • Ongoing IT effectiveness review. Provides consistent evaluation and tune-up on both completed implementations and new projects in the group’s portfolio of companies.
  • IT portfolio value assessment. Applies objective analysis and systematic management to large classes of IT items, to derive maximum business value across the portfolio.
  • Lean IT. Extends lean manufacturing and service principles to the IT realm, eliminating waste and work that adds no value.

Crowe brings an objective, business-first approach, along with documented technical expertise and proven, pragmatic solutions to help you respond effectively to the IT challenges private equity groups face in today’s economy. We also have IT specialists with deep industry experience in areas such as manufacturing and distribution, financial services, and healthcare.

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