Control of Operating Procedures & Systems

Safeguard Your Assets With Better Control of Operating Procedures and Systems

Internal audits provide value to assist your company in complying with established dealership operating procedures. Many dealerships, however, find it hard to recruit qualified internal auditors or difficult to rationalize the costs of retaining and supervising them full time. Crowe Horwath LLP recommends a cost-effective way to maintain an internal audit function: Control of Operating Procedures and Systems (COPS). Crowe professionals will lead the way to help you get the most value from this solution.

The Benefits of COPS and How It Works

  • COPS provides a control-check system and identifies areas to improve processes that strengthen your business.
  • COPS is modular and organized around specific areas of your business, from cash receipts and disbursements to the service department.
  • With COPS, you select the specific modules that let you focus on what you consider the dealership’s most vulnerable areas.

At the conclusion of each module, we assess which process and control improvements can be made to increase the safeguards over your assets.

Crowe has a core group of professionals dedicated to the dealership industry, and we use COPS and other technology tools to reduce internal audit costs and provide you with valuable business insight.