Crowe Navigator for Dealers

The Crowe Navigator® for Dealers Solution: Actionable Insights for Helping to Manage and Monitor Dealership Performance and Risk

The Building Blocks for Visibility, Interaction, Accountability, and Control

Crowe Navigator for Dealers is an innovative, web-based performance management technology solution already being used by leading dealers nationally to help keep them on the road to success.

Using Crowe Navigator eliminates guess work by accessing precise and timely executive dashboard analyses in the areas of sales, F&I, expenses, profitability, cash flow, and operations using data extracted daily from the dealership management system (DMS). The Crowe Navigator solution allows you to manage your dealerships’ operation in real-time, not just at month-end. This easy-to-use application provides the information dealership organizations need to resolve exceptions, compare and improve store performance, adjust to trends, improve processes, and manage critical exposures.

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  1. Extract data from DMS and pull into a central “data warehouse” with access anywhere you have access to the Internet
  2. Access information essential for management with groupwide dealership analyses
  3. Analyze department performance side by side to create your own 20-group reports
  4. Manage deals from F&I to accounting with key data points to address issues as they arise and reduce bottlenecks
  5. Drill down into financial details for valuable insight into managing expenses
  6. Maximize cash flow with customizable thresholds for principal balance sheet accounts
  7. Gain insight as the month progresses and adjust your playbook daily
  8. Encourage communication and collaboration
  9. Trend against past performance
  10. Set up alerts to avoid surprises
  11. Eliminate reliance on the few DMS experts

The Crowe Navigator for Dealers solution includes:

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