The At-A-Glance tool allows you to choose from more than 65 key performance measures to customize your personal view and create your personal daily operating control (DOC). This powerful yet flexible daily dashboard makes it easy to monitor performance in a side-by-side format with detailed drill-downs and graphing capabilities. You also can trend a dealership for multiple periods.


1. Organization
Customize to view your entire group, subgroup, or geographic area.

2. At-A-Glance
You can choose from more than 65 performance measures for all of your stores in one easy-to-read screen.

3. View
Select year-to-date or month-to-date performance data.
4. Summary Display
Select total or average for selected stores.

5. Daily Dashboard
Monitor individual store performance in a side-by-side format.

6. Trends
Click to create a month-over-month or multiple-month trend view for a single store.

The Crowe Navigator for Dealers solution also includes:

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