Crowe emonitor summary

The eMonitor module allows users to quickly and easily monitor frozen cash and provides users with a summary of conditional results from each dealership's scheduled balance sheet accounts. In short, it sorts through your most critical schedules and displays only the results you want based on thresholds you establish. With eMonitor, you no longer need to print your DMS schedules to hold manager meetings or monitor important asset and liability accounts. Crowe Navigator for Dealers makes this process efficient and effective. Key features and benefits include being able to easily see information for all dealerships in a side-by-side format on a single page, with detailed drill-downs all the way to journal detail:

1. Conditional Balance Sheet Information
Each measure has a threshold (which you can set and adjust) so you only see the most important results. No more poring through schedule after schedule to uncover critical information.

2. Multiple Dealership View
See results for all stores in side-by-side format, on a single page. No more exporting, filtering, cutting, or pasting to see results for all stores at once. This enables you to quickly spot areas of strength or weakness.
3. Detailed Drill-down
Click on any result to see the individual items noted. Click again to view journal details for a particular line item within that schedule. See dealership example.

4. Export to Microsoft® Excel®
Export formatted information to Microsoft Excel anytime.

The Crowe Navigator for Dealers solution includes:

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