Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis (FSA)

FSA Summary

The FSA module provides users with an in-depth look at each dealership's financial results. The real power of this module is its ability to display groupwide, departmental, and consolidated financial results while also showing results for the individual dealerships in a side-by-side format and on a single page. Think of FSA as your organization's own personalized 20-group report.

The FSA module also allows for comparison of financial results against budget, prior periods, or Crowe Navigator Peer Data at group or store level. 


1. Groupwide Dealership Analyses
See results for all dealerships in a side-by-side format on a single page. No more exporting, filtering, cutting, or pasting to see results for all dealerships at once. This enables you to quickly spot areas of strength or weakness.

2. Trend Views
Select a single dealership for multiple periods to see trends over time. Click for example of trend view.
3. Report Viewing
Click on Report Tab to view and analyze the results for Summary, New Vehicle, Used Vehicle, Service, Parts, Body shop, Non-controllable expenses, and Balance Sheet.

4. Normalize Data
FSA can be tailored so that manufacturer-specific reporting can be normalized in your groupwide reporting.

The Crowe Navigator for Dealers solution includes:

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