Meeting the Challenges of Third Party Risk Management (Webinar Recording)

In the race to stay competitive, organizations are partnering with more third parties than ever. While the rewards may be compelling, identifying, quantifying, and mitigating the risk can be an overwhelming task. This session will discuss third-parties and the risks they can present, and provide a basic framework for managing the risk. We will also review the relationship between third-party risk management and your function, as well as how to integrate third-party risk into the operational strategy of an enterprise.

As a result of attending this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Identify the extent of third-parties and the risks they present
  • Recognize a basic framework for managing third-party risks
  • Demonstrate how your role and function relate to third-party risk management
  • ntegrate third-party risk management into the operational and enterprise risk management strategy of the organization


Sam Aina

Matthew Bowser

Lisa Domenick