Banking Performance Insights

Banking Performance Insights – April 28, 2017

Establishing a Data Governance Center of Excellence Within Your Bank

A growing number of banks are finding that establishing a data governance center of excellence can help them address many of their data access and data quality issues.

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2017 Crowe Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey

For more than 30 years, Crowe Horwath LLP has conducted a comprehensive annual survey of compensation-related practices in the banking industry. This year, the survey report will provide salary and bonus benchmarks for 263 positions as well as information on benefits, incentives, director compensation, succession planning, and human resource practices. It will also allow you to benchmark your bank’s compensation practices against those of other similar banks.

The survey results can help you address questions such as:

  • Are our employees being paid competitively?
  • What are banks planning for salary increases?
  • Is our executive compensation package competitive?
  • How do our director fees compare to others'?
  • What can we do to control the costs of benefits?
  • How do our human resource programs compare with those of other banks?

In addition, by participating in the survey, you will receive access to exclusive thought leadership and a substantial discount off the retail price of the survey report.

The survey closes May 31, 2017. Get started now.

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