Banking Performance Insights

Banking Performance Insights – Feb. 2, 2016

Stress-Testing Requirements: What Community Banks Need to Know

Many community banks struggle to develop appropriate stress tests to help mitigate the risks presented by concentrations of commercial real estate (CRE) loans. By reviewing the interagency guidance governing CRE loan concentrations and understanding the different types of stress tests available, community banks can choose the models that best suit the unique characteristics of their markets and their loan portfolios.

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Crowe® Credit360 – Stress Testing: Go Beyond Stress Testing to Improve Performance

Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing is a powerful tool from Crowe Horwath LLP that helps financial institutions meet the expanded Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Dodd-Frank Act stress-testing (DFAST) requirements for 2014. Beyond that, the tool offers sophisticated active credit portfolio management (ACPM) capabilities that you can use to monitor, evaluate, and proactively manage your loan portfolio to maximize financial performance.

Instead of struggling to comply with stress testing and other regulatory requirements, let Crowe Credit360 – Stress Testing help you take advantage of the knowledge gained for improved financial performance and greater opportunity for future growth.

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