Banking Performance Insights

Banking Performance Insights – July 26, 2017

Bank Compensation, Incentives, and Talent Management Trends

What lies ahead in the intensifying battle for talent in the banking industry? How does your organization’s talent management strategy compare with industry trends? Crowe performance improvement and human resource professionals analyze results from the 2016 Crowe Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey and explore how a total rewards approach and carefully planned incentives can help banks compete for talent more effectively.

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How Predictive Analytics Are Transforming Customer Intelligence Within Banks

Advances in the predictive and prescriptive capabilities of analytics and machine learning technologies are quickly transforming the ways in which banks can turn data into greater insights about their customers.

This webinar recording covers the current state and future vision of analytics and machine learning, the ways they are being applied to customer intelligence, where the greatest opportunity exists for tangible impact and ROI, and what some of the first steps are for a bank to start on the journey.

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