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Healthcare Connection – Aug. 22, 2017

Identifying Common Obstacles to PCI Compliance

Cybersecurity remains a top focus for healthcare organizations, and one area of cybersecurity that has come under increased scrutiny is payment card industry (PCI) compliance. Despite consequences for noncompliance, healthcare organizations too often fall victim to common pitfalls that can lead to noncompliance. This article explains how to recognize – and address – those pitfalls and prevent the risks associated with PCI noncompliance.

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Employee or Contractor? How to Navigate Federal Tax Law for Employee Status

As companies lean more on independent contractors to cut costs, they must be aware of the potential consequences involved in federal tax oversight of employee classifications. This article explores the complicated and evolving terrain companies have to navigate when determining employee and independent contractor statuses. It describes important distinctions to note and suggests ways in which companies can protect themselves from avoidable penalties.

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