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Healthcare Connection – Dec. 2, 2014

I’m pleased to introduce our new and improved e-newsletter. This new, biweekly format should be easier for you to read on any device and aims to provide more frequent analysis and interpretation of emerging trends, business needs, and regulatory developments driving innovation in the healthcare industry. Thanks for reading; I look forward to your feedback
– Brian Sanderson,
Managing Principal, Healthcare Services

Eight Risks of the Two-Midnight Rule Every Healthcare Provider Should Know

Since the two-midnight rule went into effect Oct. 1, 2013, as part of the 2014 inpatient prospective payment system final rule, hospitals and providers have struggled to make sense of the ruling, guidelines, and various interpretations of the rule. Due to its implementation and interpretation, many hospitals and health systems have lost millions of dollars in net revenue. Although it might be impossible to prevent all revenue loss, avoiding eight errors will minimize the financial impact.

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Sustainable Risk Management in the Ever-Changing Healthcare Arena

Forward-thinking healthcare organizations began some time ago to factor the coming monumental healthcare reform into their strategic plans and to establish goals to maintain their financial viability. To truly thrive, organizations must consider the risks that threaten the achievement of such objectives. Today’s evolving reform environment calls for organizations to take a sustainable risk management approach that involves continually re-evaluating the risks posed by the changes, developing mitigation strategies, implementing them, and monitoring and making adjustments as needed.

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