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Healthcare Connection – Nov. 17, 2015

Next Generation Internal Audit: How and Where to Start

To keep pace with a rapidly changing, complex landscape and to extend internal audit’s effectiveness and value within the organization, healthcare internal auditors must provide more in-depth, strategic risk coverage. This means moving from a transaction-based approach for internal audit to a strategic approach that continuously monitors and reports on risk and compliance in a wider range of operational and clinical areas. This article offers recommendations for meeting the challenges of implementing the next generation model.

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Crowe RCA Benchmarking Report: Decreasing Charity Expenditures – Putting Medicaid Expansion State Hospitals at Risk?

Since the inception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, hospitals across the country have experienced a decline in uncompensated care rates due to the declining uninsured population. This is particularly apparent in states that have expanded Medicaid. This report analyzes data from nearly 500 U.S. hospitals from July through September 2015 to determine trends related to uninsured self-pay, charity expenditures, and more.

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