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Healthcare Connection – Oct. 10, 2017

Healthcare Summit Keynote: What Will Healthcare Look Like When the Dust Settles?

With so many shifts occurring in today’s dynamic healthcare industry, what will it look like when the dust finally settles? That was the question Vanderbilt University’s Larry Van Horn, Ph.D., sought to answer for attendees of the 2017 Crowe Healthcare Summit in his keynote address. In this article, find out what Van Horn, a leading expert and researcher on healthcare management and economics, believes is happening in private sector business policy today that will drive healthcare markets going forward.

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For a Smoother Tax Provision Close, Evaluate Processes Today

Many organizations prefer to forget about the tax provision process after completing a year-end or interim tax close. However, organizations that take the time to evaluate their approach today will benefit from significant process improvements, the effects of which will be felt throughout the year. This article suggests a series of questions that organizations can consider as they begin their evaluations. The authors also explore common pain points that tax professionals may experience in the tax provision process, suggesting some first steps to consider in order to ameliorate these challenges.

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