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Crowe® K-1 Navigator: Simplifying Tax Compliance for Flow-Through Entities

Tax reporting for flow-through entities is a particularly complex area of the tax law requiring a staggering amount of time and effort. Your owners expect the tax information you provide them will be both accurate and timely. Yet most traditional methods for arriving at investor allocations are spreadsheet driven, putting you at risk for errors. In addition, new IRS guidelines for electronic distribution of an owner’s tax information further complicate the compliance process.

The Crowe K-1 Navigator solution is a Web-based management system that offers greater efficiencies, advanced information orchestration, automated reporting, analytics, in-depth security and portal functionality for a direct line of communication with your owners.

Bringing enterprise content management principles to the world of flow-through taxation, the Crowe K-1 Navigator solution captures important investor data directly at the source, manages the workflow process through automation, preserves documents thru electronic archiving, and delivers K-1 packages to your owners in a secure Web-based environment.

The Efficient Way to Process and Deliver Schedule K-1s to Your Owners

The Crowe K-1 Navigator solution is an adaptable, secure, Web-based solution designed by Crowe Horwath LLP tax professionals to help streamline the preparation and electronic delivery of Schedules K-1 using a:

  • Guided process to promote consistency;
  • Crowe K-1 Portal to provide a Web-based platform for dynamic collaboration;
  • Systems-based determination of Schedule K allocations; and
  • Centralized data repository for improved accuracy and quality control.

From collecting data to building customizable Schedule K-1 packets, the solution guides you through completing each component in the tax compliance process, helping you save time and effort.