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Global M&A: Five Factors Midmarket Companies Must Consider Before Making an International Deal

Midmarket companies use international mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to expand their operations and enter markets quickly. But cross-border transactions are fraught with hazards that can pose serious complications for any business.

Successful deals hinge on the ability to identify the right target – as well as any potential risks. In this article, Crowe Horwath LLP examines factors midmarket companies must consider carefully before entering an international M&A deal, including how:

  • Opportunities for financial synergy tend to be overstated
  • Local legal issues can add a layer of complexity
  • Sales processes should be adapted to a new market’s culture

This article features five cross-border M&A scenarios and advice for mitigating associated risks. Also discussed is the importance of adhering to the “strategy of the deal” throughout the international merger or acquisition process.

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