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Capturing Value at Each Phase of the M&A Value Chain

From initial inquiry and letter of intent, through due diligence, valuation, planning, execution, and integration, each phase of a merger or acquisition contributes to the overall value of the deal. Likewise, each phase of the transaction presents its own particular risks.

M&A Transaction Value Chain

MA Value Chain 2

Crowe Horwath LLP M&A professionals have extensive experience helping companies maximize value capture and mitigate risks throughout the M&A value chain and offer a comprehensive array of M&A services.

Crowe M&A teams also help companies develop a solid foundation of underlying M&A capabilities, built on the “Seven Critical Pillars of M&A Success,” identified through Crowe research and thought leadership.

Critical Pillars

1 Structure, Governance & Accountability
How well do we manage our deal pipeline?
2 Strategic Clarity
Early on, how do we forge shared clarity?
3 Execution, Efficiency (Process Management)
Overall, how efficiently do we execute on transactions?
4 Operating Continuity
How well do we manage and maintain the existing businesses in the process of doing deals?
5 Synergy Capture
What is the process to ID, validate, plan, and capture synergies?
6 People / Culture Management
How well do we identify and manage people/culture risks?
7 Scalable Resources
How well do we manage our internal deal resources?

M&A Services

Our pre-acquisition services can help companies properly frame the deal rationale, calibrate its alignment with the business strategy, and determine the most appropriate structure for the transaction.

  • Investment Thesis
  • Deal Tax Structuring
  • Global M&A Playbook

Our comprehensive due diligence services can provide insights on the underlying value drivers – the variables that drive the value being sought in the M&A deal. 

  • Financial Diligence
  • Tax Diligence
  • IT Diligence
  • Operational Diligence
  • Human Capital Diligence

Our valuation services can help companies understand where and how a client can gain incremental value in the transaction.

  • Pre-transaction Accretion Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Valuation
  • Intellectual Property Value Maximization

Crowe can help companies realize the full value of their deals with:

  • Integration Blueprinting
  • Functional Area Transition Planning
  • Value Optimization Planning
  • People and Culture Transition Planning

After the transaction is complete, our integration specialists can help with:

  • Operational stabilization, including protecting key customer relationships
  • Accelerated Synergy Capture
  • Dispute Resolution

Crowe can help companies assess the ROI of new opportunities identified during the integration phase, helping them allocate resources and management focus to those areas with the highest potential value.

  • Performance Improvement
  • IT System Road Map
  • Tax Strategies

Crowe consults with clients to improve their future M&A execution capability by incorporating past lessons into their M&A playbook in order to minimize inefficiency, stage work steps and priorities more effectively, and avoid having to “reinvent the wheel” with every new deal.

  • M&A Playbook Enhancements
  • M&A Capability Training
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