Crowe Purchase Status Workbench for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

The Crowe Purchase Status Workbench gives you instant visibility of all purchase lines in a single view. Anyone in the organization – from the procurement department, to the shop floor, to customer service reps – can be better prepared to handle changes in the supply schedule. Quicker access to material status allows users to proactively manage fluctuations in customer demand and maintain more appropriate inventory levels. Download PDF Overview


Improve period management across multiple AX companies by automating the opening and closing of periods  

View and manage purchase orders in a single, configurable screen

Avoid costly delays to the start of business in a new period by granting access immediately at the start of a period  

Quickly respond to internal inventory requests or customer inquiries by retrieving full purchase order line details


Improve Customer Service With a Central View of Sales Order Activity.
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  • Configure and save custom views by any available data point on the purchase order or purchase order line within the dashboard
  • View and manage all open or closed purchase order lines in one central form
  • View purchase order details within the dashboard
  • Register and receive purchase order lines directly from the dashboard
  • Register and receive purchase order lines
  • Manage vendor quality
  • Access load-planning workbench and applicable load details
  • View receiving work and planned demand allocation after receipt
  • Centrally manage overall inventory levels
  • View a custom dashboard using the user’s active filter defaults
  • Quickly change views with a simple to-use field dropdown


Q: Which departments is this app designed for?

A: This fully embedded Dynamics AX app applies to procurement, warehousing, production, and sales users. The ability to quickly set up custom user views to see all required information makes the dashboard ideal across a wide range of employees.

Q: Can I view the material on hand to make my product?

A: Yes, you can quickly drill down to see what material is on hand to make your product. By viewing material on hand, you can notify an end customer if a material is out of stock and will cause a delay with their order.

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