Crowe Sales Status Workbench for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

The Crowe Sales Status Workbench provides a 360-degree view of sales orders, helping you efficiently respond to customer inquiries and proactively manage your demand fulfillment processes. Using the dashboard, you can quickly and easily view all open orders and order line statuses, allowing workers to provide a higher level of customer service. Download PDF Overview


Improve period management across multiple AX companies by automating the opening and closing of periods  

Eliminate the need for multiple, manual communication points between departments by providing a single view of sales orders for all internal users, regardless of department

Avoid costly delays to the start of business in a new period by granting access immediately at the start of a period  

Easily respond to customer order status inquiries by filtering by sales order header, sales order line, marked supply, and manufacturing progress data points

Supports a growing organization’s increasing allocation requirements  

Manage the production, warehousing, and inbound material progress from a central form to proactively notify customers of possible changes in delivery dates


Improve Customer Service With a Central View of Sales Order Activity.
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  • Create and save multiple custom queries by user at once
  • View details of exactly where each order line is in the demand fulfillment process
  • View general order details in a single form including line status, sales rep, customer part number, and customer delivery address information
  • Quickly access applicable warehousing details to manage work, loads, and shipments
  • Quickly view a sales order line’s status by customer, product name, sales order number, delivery date, and other data points available in the dashboard
  • Manage the outbound material process by viewing a sales order line’s physical reserved quantity, marked quantity, released quantity, work quantity, picked quantity, and delivered quantity – all simultaneously


Q: Is the dashboard made only for sales representatives?

A: No. In fact, this fully embedded Dynamics AX app was created for a wide range of users across production, warehousing, sales, and more, so that each function can personalize, filter, and view data in one central location.

Q: How many custom queries can each user set up?

A: There is no limit to the number of queries a user can save. When a user saves a filter, they can then also set one record as “active” so that when the dashboard opens, the filter is automatically applied.

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