The Quest Case Management System

Integrate Your Entire Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system involves a broad array of agencies and community partners, each with its own particular role to fill and, all too often, its own detached system for identifying, tracking, and managing cases. The result is often duplication of effort, increased opportunity for error, time-consuming searches for files and other information, and, above all, decreased ability to effectively serve the needs of the community.

The Quest Case Management System allows a single agency or multiple agencies to share data. Quest breaks down the barriers, connecting courts, probation officers, detention officials, clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, police, intake processing, diversion programs, schools, and others into a single Web-based system. Developed by Gottlieb & Wertz Inc. (G&W) and implemented with Crowe Horwath LLP, Quest is the only fully developed, ready-to-deploy case management and data sharing system designed specifically for the juvenile justice community.

  • Information is entered just once, and is shared immediately among all authorized partners in the system.
    Access is controlled by user rights and roles, ensuring proper security and confidentiality.
  • A versatile, integrated form component streamlines document creation, producing live documents in real time and immediately dispatching them to all appropriate recipients.
  • Quest is scalable and highly configurable – the system is adapted to your process flows, not vice versa – with a prompt deployment timeline.
  • Quest’s powerful analytics tool provides reports that can help you make informed decisions.
  • Quest is an affordable solution for juvenile justice agencies.

The unique teaming of Crowe and G&W offers both subject matter and implementation leadership to successfully implement the Quest system – a solution that has been proven in jurisdictions of all sizes throughout the United States.



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