Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

Maximize Bankruptcy Recoveries and Minimize Losses

As acompany’s financial position deteriorates, stakeholders may need assistance to identify and assess alternative strategies that can help maximize recoveries or minimize losses. At Crowe Horwath LLP, we offer clients analysis and implementation in all phases of the restructuring or liquidation process. Our experienced restructuring and bankruptcy professionals include CPAs, attorneys, Ph.D.s, CTPs, CIRAs, forensic accountants, and IT specialists with deep industry expertise. We have served as experts in a number of diverse bankruptcy-related matters and have extensive trial testimony experience.

As advisers to distressed companies, we can:

  • Perform liquidity reviews, including the preparation of short-term and long-term cash flow projections
  • Support interim and crisis management
  • Help develop and implement both operational and restructuring turnarounds
  • Advise lenders and potential investors, including performing due diligence assessments and quality of earnings reviews
  • Prepare fresh-start accounting for the reorganized debtor
  • Act as financial advisors to debtors-in-possession           

As accountants to trustees, we can:

  • Review the debtor's books and financial records for purposes of identifying undisclosed assets
  • Assist in discovery and prosecution of claims and causes of action, including fraudulent conveyance and preference, officer and director breach of fiduciary duty, professional malpractice, veil piercing, and breach of contract claims
  • Acquire and image the debtor's electronically stored information (ESI) for presentation and review
  • Assist in the preparation of bankruptcy and insolvency analyses and opinions
  • Help implement asset sale programs, prepare tax returns, and review and object to claims filed

As advisors to creditor committees, we can help evaluate:

  • Cash flow projections and first-day motions
  • The debtor's business and reorganization plans
  • Recovery and exit strategies and other influential factors


Bernie W. Costich
Partner, Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services Leader