Forensic Services

Litigation. Fraud. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

As financial investigations and litigation become increasingly complex, counsel and its clients often need experts who can analyze intricate financial data, weave it into a cohesive whole and, if necessary, articulate their findings to a trier of fact.

Crowe Horwath LLP’s forensic experts use insights gained from extensive technical and industry knowledge to cut beneath the surface and help to uncover the real story behind the numbers. In the event of litigation, Crowe's professionals tell the story to the judge, jury, or arbitrator through clear, convincing expert testimony and compelling visual presentations.

Our clients consistently turn to Crowe because we:

  • Have experience with the legal and bankruptcy processes and their respective demands, and know how to gather information correctly and testify on our findings effectively;
  • Offer a comprehensive solution to help you reduce your company’s exposure to fraud and other business issues; and
  • Are recognized and respected as neutral arbitrators and mediators in alternative dispute resolution.

Whether you are addressing litigation issues, investigating fraud, assisting a company through an insolvency situation, or pursuing alternative dispute resolution, Crowe’s multidisciplinary team has the required credentials and can provide the support you need to succeed.

Christopher McClure