Forensic Technology

Acquiring, Preserving, Analyzing, and Producing Electronically Stored Information

Every day, companies and individuals face the specter of litigation which will ultimately rely upon electronically stored information (ESI). Our team of seasoned forensic technology experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools to help defend you and your company from hazards related to data in a litigation context, assist with proactive measures to help protect sensitive information, and pursue investigative options when your company's data has been exposed. Our forensic technology group provides a full suite of solutions:

  • Digital forensics:
    • Using proper chain-of-custody methodology for field triage and acquisition of target ESI;
    • Working with virtually any digital storage medium;
    • Investigating and analyzing forensic images;
    • Recovering, reconstructing, and preserving lost and deleted data;
    • Providing expert witness testimony;
    • Coordinating with counsel, forensic accountants, and other litigation professionals;
    • Interacting with human resources to handle management-level changes; and
    • Providing training, education, and reporting.
  • Data analysis/Data mining:
    • Detecting data anomalies;
    • Reconstructing accounting records and transaction tracking through coordination with forensic accountants;
    • Completing data set analysis using statistical methodologies;
    • Providing custom analysis database programming; and
    • Delivering robust reporting with rich graphics and written narrative.
  • eDiscovery:
    • Working with counsel to extract pertinent data from forensic images;
    • Uploading and providing access to documents; and
    • Performing OCR (optical character recognition) scanning, deduplication, and indexing of documents.

Whether you are addressing litigation issues, investigating fraud, assisting a company through an insolvency situation, or pursuing alternative dispute resolution, Crowe's forensic technology services team can help you coordinate the entire process from investigation to resolution. Choosing Crowe gives you access to certified public accountants, fraud examiners, and IT specialists with certifications in forensic technology and forensic accounting.

We possess extensive knowledge of legal processes and know the importance of gathering information correctly and testifying on our findings effectively. We are recognized and respected as neutral arbitrators and mediators and, by using our forensic technology services professionals, the appearance of conflict-of-interest issues arising from the use of external auditors or in-house staff is avoided.

Crowe forensic experts use insights gained from extensive technical and industry knowledge, forensic accounting, and litigation consulting to cut beneath the surface and help to uncover the real story behind the numbers. And in the event of litigation, we can articulate the findings to a judge, jury, or arbitrator through clear, convincing expert testimony and compelling presentations.

Tim L. Bryan