Merger & Acquisition Integration

Achieve Value With Effective Merger and Acquisition Integration Services

More than half of all merger and acquisition (M&A) deals fail to achieve the results that were originally envisioned. Many actually reduce the value of the acquiring company. Crowe Horwath LLP has developed a comprehensive program to support companies through M&A challenges and improve the likelihood of success. Crowe’s M&A integration advisers can assist strategic buyers and private equity groups to realize M&A value or M&A return on investment (ROI) in the first 100 days of the acquisition by helping to:

  • Set integration strategy;
  • Identify financial and operational synergies;
  • Manage communication and change;
  • Develop detailed plans to address administrative and synergy targets; and
  • Execute the plan in the first 100 days after close.

After closing the transaction, the post-merger integration of processes and functional areas such as personnel, operations, and technology systems can also be complex. Crowe can help:

  • Accelerate the transition to get the integration done quickly;
  • Realize the value from the synergies expected by the deal;
  • Minimize the risk of failure or missed opportunity during this critical period; and
  • Improve client competencies to help with future acquisitions.

Crowe’s knowledgeable M&A team, due diligence, and skillful execution can assist a successful acquisition and integration strategy.

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