Mergers and Acquisitions Optimization

Strengthen Your M&A Outcomes

In an effort to achieve strategic objectives, many companies devote significant time and resources to merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. Yet, M&A transactions often fail to achieve anticipated results. Optimizing business processes and systems can significantly improve transaction outcomes and accelerate M&A value capture.

Crowe Horwath LLP M&A Foundational Objectives

Crowe advisory professionals provide integrated services across the M&A value chain. We can apply a robust M&A playbook for all phases and aspects of the deal, offering global delivery capability for higher overall connectivity and consistency.

Full Value
Functional Integration                                                  
People & Cultural

Early identification and vetting of potential deal value drivers and synergies

Value optimization plan development, sequencing, and tracking (involving charters, metrics, baselines, accountabilities, etc.) for specific synergy projects

Hands-on execution support to accelerate the realization of key strategies


Establish proper functional and process connectivity to help enable seamless day one and post-close operation

Protect customer interface and top-line revenue retention into the post-close period


Assess and manage the people and culture transition issues both at the tactical level (e.g., job redesign and compensation/benefits) as well as strategic issues (e.g., organizational redesign, culture transition, and communication strategy)

Our specialized services can enable us to help you:

Mitigate Risks
Mitigate deal risks more effectively
Maximize and Capture Deal Synergies
Maximize and capture deal synergies
People Culture
Address people and culture transition
Improve Execution
Improve M&A execution

Our M&A optimization services include:

  • Buy- and sell-side due diligence: operations, human resources, and commercial
  • “Full value” opportunity and synergy assessment
  • Integration and carve-out support
  • M&A playbooks and training
  • Merger repair and post-deal optimization
  • Implementation of Crowe M&A Catalyst deal-management technology
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