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Due Diligence With a Sharper Focus and Greater Flexibility

Today’s market conditions have caused numerous complexities in buy-side or sell-side transactions. Market trends, earnings and quality concerns, key operational integration aspects, and people and culture all require a closer look to uncover the real value and inherent risks of these transactions. Many transactions also fail to live up to expectations, which is a painful realization, considering all the time, money, and people involved.

Crowe Horwath LLP provides a focused and flexible approach to due diligence based on the specific transaction needs of strategic buyers, private equity firms, and lenders.

Crowe’s fully integrated and cost effective due diligence approach provides:

  • Business valuation. Both before and after the acquisition, we help you determine the right price by taking into account market conditions, alternative deal structures, synergies, competing opportunities, and even intellectual property.
  • Due diligence assessment before the deal. Crowe provides both sell-side and buy-side due diligence. We can help you analyze value and detect weaknesses and strengths in financials, operations, and people and culture, and investigate assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.
  • Deal structure optimization. Crowe provides advice on structuring transactions while taking into consideration the accounting, tax, and capital implications.

Crowe’s financial advisers have provided more than $30 billion worth of successful transaction services for many well-known global companies, private equity firms, and lenders. Our fully integrated and comprehensive due diligence approach helps identify deals, deal breakers, risks, opportunities for improvement, and other key factors – all while providing the flexibility in timing, scope, and deliverables that your unique transaction requires.

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