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Our knowledgeable professionals provide an array of high-quality audit services to private and public entities, including:

You need an experienced auditor who can quickly respond and adapt to your ever-changing environment. Crowe Horwath LLP delivers audit services with the necessary deep industry expertise and functional specialization, combined with the ability to drive continuous improvement through technology and innovation. We recognize your data holds valuable insight into your organization. 

At Crowe, we are constantly innovating and understand that as new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning evolve, so will the financial statement audit and the value it provides.

Industry Specialization

Crowe Insight

Crowe Insight Center for Audit™ combines innovative technology with functional knowledge and industry expertise. This advanced audit platform, along with our CiRT® web-based interface, enhances audit quality, facilitates a more effective process, and enables our auditors to have deeper insight into higher-risk areas. Crowe Insight sets the stage for the following benefits:

audit methodology  

  • Focuses on the underlying transaction data that's most important to financial reporting
  • Identifies errors, outliers, and areas of risk earlier so they can be addressed sooner
workflow audit

  • Produces an effective workflow and exchange of information
  • Streamlines and enhances the data and document collection process
  • Minimizes redundancy and omissions
  • Allows greater flexibility of data intake to help minimize disruption of client operations
audit communication  

  • Improves the audit process through enhanced, centralized communication and information sharing
  • Reduces confusion about work-paper requests by creating a smooth exchange and tracking of information between an organization and its Crowe auditors
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Mark A. Baer
Managing Partner, Audit Services