Enhanced ERP for Shared Services and Enterprise Financials

For private equity groups, multi-entity manufacturers, and independent distributor networks using a shared services or centralized financial model, the Crowe Financial Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics® AX, now known as Dynamics 365, offers an enhanced ERP platform that provides greater efficiency, transparency, and centralization of financial and operational functions across the entire enterprise.

Traditional ERP systems often present operational challenges, particularly in the management of shared services such as centralized sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting functions. The result can be missed opportunities for cost savings and economies of scale.

Efficiency, Transparency, Centralization

Complex organizations require careful consideration when designing their financial operations and processes. This requires a detailed understanding of Microsoft Dynamics technology and best practices in lean financial processes and national and international financial accounting regulations.

The Crowe Financial Accelerator can help complex organizations overcome the limitations of traditional ERP systems by leveraging the inherent strengths of the Microsoft Dynamics AX. Offering important enterprise financial, shared services, and financial reporting capabilities, the Crowe Financial Accelerator can be especially useful for large or expanding companies with multiple reporting and operational entities.

CFA Chart

Crowe Financial Accelerator helps companies maximize the advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, providing added shared services capabilities, best-practice financial controls, and complex reporting and enterprise financial functions.

Centralized Shared Services Capabilities
Sales and customer management
Accounts receivable and accounts payable
Purchasing and vendor management
Inventory management, including purchase receipt and order fulfillment
Flexibility to centralize and decentralize functions as the organizational needs change
Enterprise Financial Capabilities

Simplifying the financial consolidation process
Optimally configuring for financial reporting, compliance, and controls
Facilitating enterprisewide financial reporting
Standardizing financial operations and processes

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