Crowe Activity Review System®

CARS® Solution: Quality at the Source

With ever-increasing expectations for review processes from various stakeholders, organizations are undergoing pressure to manage one-off reviews and look-backs as well as business-as-usual processes with greater efficiency, transparency, and quality.

The CARS solution is an adaptive and dynamic process assurance, workflow management, and quality control tool that enables institutions to effectively meet stakeholder and regulatory expectations. Developed by Crowe Horwath LLP, the CARS solution is designed to complement and strengthen organizations’ monitoring, quality control review, case management, and documentation systems. In addition, the CARS tool can help streamline work processes, provide analytical insight, and reduce overall costs.

Key Features

  • Enables an institution to establish and model its review methods and efficiently reconfigure those processes using adaptive case management technology without the need for costly customization, system redesign, or vendor assistance.
  • Uses dynamic, configurable questionnaires to guide the user through the review process and confirm that established procedures are followed, appropriate documentation is provided, and quality control is conducted.
  • Generates descriptive narratives based on the review activity and the steps performed by the user in order to document each step of the review.
  • Contains a built-in workflow engine that prioritizes review items and routes work along a path configured to match the institution’s review, investigation, and quality control processes.
  • Collects detailed information at each step of the review process for improved system calibration, and provides reporting and analytics for key risk indicators and key performance indicators.
  • Provides an integrated, configurable quality control function to facilitate independent review of work performed either in-line or on an ad hoc basis.

How It Works

Crowe Activity Review System – CARS

The CARS® solution contains nine integrated modules that combine to form a single, purpose-built compliance review solution.

Helping Banks and Financial Institutions Conduct Comprehensive Reviews

This video walks you through how Crowe Horwath can drive down time and cost to complete reviews and perform quality assurance through the Crowe Activity Review System (or CARS)


Adaptable and Readily Configured

As work processes change or requirements are added, the CARS solution provides the ability to quickly update processes through user configuration rather than requiring custom programming. Because it is so readily adaptable, the CARS tool is widely used to manage and execute a variety of review and investigative work processes across a multitude of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing & distribution.

Use Cases Include: