ERM Analytics and Technology

Risk Analytics and Technology for Better Decision-Making

The right enabling technology and strong analytical capabilities are essential to a successful enterprise risk management (ERM) program. Crowe Horwath analytics and technology solutions can help you make more effective use of available data, while also building the methodologies and infrastructure to support better, fact-based decision-making.

Handling Today’s Risk Data Challenges

Systems today must deal with increasing data volume and speed, along with continually changing risks, regulatory requirements, and stakeholder expectations. Crowe risk consulting professionals can help you select the right risk management platform, and implement analytics and technology solutions that can simplify and accelerate risk management while maintaining compliance.


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Identify and benchmark key statistics relevant to processes and procedures.


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Determine potential anomalous behavior.


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What Will/Should Happen Next

Find/predict areas of improvement.


Advanced analytical methods can help you move from hindsight to insight to foresight.

A Portfolio of Technology Solutions

Crowe combines in-depth business and industry expertise along with the strengths of a technology company to help you:

  • Use collaborative risk assessment tools to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities within your organization
  • Determine how data can be used to address those vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Choose from an ever-growing portfolio of proprietary solutions that can be adapted to your particular situation.

Learn more Crowe Fair Lending Analytical and Regression Engine (Crowe FLARE) and how it can support fair lending compliance in this informational video.


We also have experience implementing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tools and sustainable data management processes so you can use technology to get better data – and get it faster – to support enhanced decision-making.

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