Business Resilience

Business Resilience: Being Ready for Disruptive Events

Resilience and long-term sustainability are critical concerns for all businesses, their brands, and their stakeholders. Crowe Horwath offers a pragmatic approach to help you prepare for unforeseen challenges, so you can respond to disruptive events with greater agility.

A Matter of Survival

Business resilience is crucial when the unforeseen happens, but it’s also important even if a crisis doesn’t occur. Investors, customers, employees, vendors, and other third parties all prefer to do business with companies they know are stable and prepared.

Conventional risk management approaches can be ineffective in protecting against unconventional threats to key assets – particularly a business’s brands and its reputation. This is especially true if risk management is disconnected from the business operations or fails to address key areas of infrastructure, know-how, and information technology.

A Focused, Pragmatic Approach

Crowe can help your organization enhance its global resilience by focusing on four major program components:

1. Evaluating your business continuity risk and critical assets across the organization
2. Identifying realistic scenarios
3. Developing and testing response plans
4. Responding to a crisis

The Crowe approach to business resilience is:

  • Pragmatic, not theoretical, and can be adapted to your organization’s culture
  • Focused on those areas where you are most likely to encounter issues
  • Delivered with operational, hands-on involvement
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