ERM Design & Implementation

An End-to-End Approach to ERM Program Implementation

Implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) program can be a complex technical challenge with many components. It’s easy to lose momentum. Crowe Horwath can help you address ERM implementation issues so you can maintain progress and help embed ERM firmly throughout your organization.

How Crowe Can Help

Crowe risk specialists help facilitate ERM implementation by applying a comprehensive, end-to-end approach so you can:

  • Confirm all necessary components are appropriately designed and link together effectively
  • Ensure internal control frameworks, policy and procedure are appropriate
  • Clearly define and communicate roles and responsibilities
  • Employ technology for a more efficient implementation
  • More effectively address stakeholder expectations
  • Facilitate more efficient and effective decision-making
Sustainable Risk Management Framework

Nearly every organization today recognizes that threats to their objectives can emerge from many sources, and the impact of these threats frequently spans across departmental boundaries. Yet enterprise risk management programs, designed to address these risks, often lose relevance in a very short time and fall to the bottom of management’s agenda.


Beyond Compliance – Adding Genuine Business Value

Crowe can help you develop an integrated and effective ERM framework, with clear roles and responsibilities, and a consistent, enterprisewide understanding and appreciation of the value and necessity of ERM. The objective is to help your organization move beyond viewing ERM as solely a compliance effort, so you can begin to realize the fundamental benefits ERM can provide to help achieve business goals.

The Crowe Approach

Delivered by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of risk professionals, program managers, and change managers, the Crowe ERM implementation methodology goes beyond technical requirements alone, to help you articulate and embed processes and resulting benefits across the organization.

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