Risk Assessment

Improving Risk Assessments Through Collaboration

Many businesses and other organizations find themselves dealing with multiple, disjointed risk assessment processes – which often produce conflicting results that are difficult to interpret and apply. Crowe Horwath can help bring clarity to this situation by consolidating multiple assessments into a coordinated, ongoing process that produces a comprehensive, consistent, enterprisewide view of risk in the organization. Our strategic enterprise-level risk assessments help businesses leverage a collaborative approach for improved enterprise risk management (ERM) and other risk assessment activities.

Today’s Complex Risk Environment

Risk teams must manage a variety of conflicting demands, including an array of mandated risk assessments and the need to provide senior management with clear and usable ERM risk reporting. Moreover, today’s risk environment is highly fluid, reflecting strategic and competitive changes as well as evolving standards such as the 2016 COSO ERM framework update.

The Crowe Approach – Collaborative, Consistent, Comprehensive

The Crowe collaborative risk assessment approach can help you consolidate multiple risk assessments and report findings in formats that executives can readily digest and apply.

Advanced technology such as the Crowe Collaborative Risk Assessment Tool helps integrate risk scenario analysis into business operations and strategic decision-making. Streamlined and simple to use, this tool’s built-in intelligence can allow you to coordinate sophisticated and far-reaching risk assessment activities without the support of a large IT staff. With more than 40 years of ERM experience, Crowe brings in-depth, industry-specific expertise along with insights and perspectives developed through ongoing relationships with global industry leaders.

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