Independent Monitoring

Demonstrated Expertise in Independent Monitoring and Consultation

When companies must engage an independent monitor to verify their compliance with a consent order, settlement agreement, or other sanctions, Crowe Horwath provides services to help companies meet their requirements. In addition to assisting companies that are subject to monitoring, Crowe also offers monitor support services to help designated oversight parties meet their obligations.

  • Crowe provides resources and expertise to help monitors carry out their assigned tasks.
  • Crowe helps organizations subject to monitoring meet requirements and develop compliant policies and procedures.
regulatory agencies

  • CFPB
  • DOJ
  • OIG
  • State AGs
related organizations

  • Banks
  • Other financial services
  • Life sciences/pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher education
  • Government agencies
independent monitors  

  • Review business processes and practices
  • Design and develop compliance assessments
  • Sample and document transactions
  • Summarize and report results

The Growing Need for Monitoring Support

Agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and various state attorneys general frequently use independent monitoring agreements to verify compliance and remediation efforts.

Crowe has extensive experience that includes high-profile involvement in the national mortgage settlement involving the Department of Justice, 49 state attorneys general, and the nation’s top mortgage servicers. Crowe was hired by the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight to monitor two of the nation’s largest banks.

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