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Experienced, Capable Independent Monitor Support

Independent monitors charged with verifying that organizations are complying with consent orders or other agreements are usually chosen because of their reputations for integrity and objectivity. But they generally are not required to possess their own auditing resources or risk management expertise.

That’s where Crowe Horwath can help. Crowe independent monitoring and consulting teams include personnel with the necessary legal, audit, regulatory compliance, technology, and risk management backgrounds to help monitors to carry out their responsibilities.

Through our independent monitoring services, Crowe helps independent monitors:

  • Review business processes and practices included in agreements
  • Design and develop necessary tests to assess compliance
  • Communicate results and assist with assessments of adherence to agreements
  • Formulate action plans to adhere to monitoring guidelines
  • Carry out tests including sampling of transactions, documenting evidence, summarizing results
  • Preparation of required reports 

Experience and Depth

Crowe has extensive experience providing independent monitor support in some of the nation’s most high-profile assignments. We are able to assign trained and qualified independent monitor resources quickly, and our resources, who are specifically trained in independent monitoring, are not the same personnel assigned to audit or other practice areas.

Responsive Support, Industry Expertise

Crowe teams understand the nuances of the independent monitor relationship, and can help effectively manage the relationship by employing advanced independent monitor testing capabilities for greater accuracy and efficiency.

And, because the results of a settlement or enforcement action can’t possibly predict every development or complication that could crop up, Crowe professionals bring the necessary industry knowledge to focus on the critical elements, enabling us to handle complex, unexpected developments in a way that helps promote compliance.

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