Organizations Subject to Monitoring

Responsive Support for Organizations Subject to Monitoring

Organizations in closely regulated industries often find themselves subject to sanctions or other enforcement actions that require independent monitoring. Crowe Horwath provides extensive consulting services that can help you adhere to requirements efficiently while also helping you meet the oversight party’s needs.

More Efficient Compliance

Independent monitoring can impose significant demands on your organization’s time and resources. Consent order compliance, testing, reporting, and related tasks can distract from your mission and strategic objectives.

Crowe offers support from experienced professionals who understand the nuances of consent agreements and monitoring, and can help you manage the relationship productively. Crowe services include:

  • Assisting with settlement implementation
  • Analyzing, developing, and implementing compliant policies and procedures
  • Providing compliance training at all levels
  • Implementing system and process changes
  • Supporting detailed testing and reviews as required
  • Assisting in reporting to the oversight party

Industry Expertise and Experience

Crowe has deep, industry-specific expertise in those industries most often subject to monitoring agreements including banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, higher education, and healthcare.

Building on the Crowe reputation for responsiveness and client satisfaction, our independent monitoring support teams’ experience in supporting the national mortgage settlement has been recognized as a model for how such agreements can be managed productively.

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