Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-sourcing

Finding the Right Internal Audit Sourcing

Managing the internal audit (IA) function in-house can pose complex challenges to many organizations. Crowe Horwath offers highly responsive and flexible IA outsourcing and co-sourcing services that enable you to choose the most appropriate and efficient level of support for your situation.

Internal Audit Challenges

Organizations of all types and sizes may find themselves struggling to manage their internal audit operations. Common challenges include:

  • Changes in business models, structure and governance due to mergers, acquisitions, or public offerings  
  • Evolving regulatory issues
  • Rapid technological advances
  • Difficulty attracting, training, and retaining qualified IA staff
  • Lack of perspective regarding industry best practices

How Crowe Can Help

Crowe offers flexible and responsive outsourcing and co-sourcing services. Advantages include:

IA Subject-Matter Expertise Stay current on best practices while gaining insights through our industry specialization.
Benchmarking Against Peers Measure current performance and gaps to add value through improvement and compliance.
Flexibility and Adaptability Choose the most appropriate level of support to meet your current requirements and capabilities.
Global Capabilities Rely on consistency in approach in multiple jurisdictions.
Effective Project Management Gain access to a global talent pool of practicing thought leaders through a single point of contact.

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