Internal Audit Transformation

Expanding the Role of Internal Audit Through Audit Transformation

Crowe Horwath can help your internal audit (IA) team look beyond regulatory, compliance, and financial control issues, expanding its focus to encompass broader risk and operational concerns.

Internal Audit’s Evolving Role

In today’s business environment, where new risks and risk categories are continually emerging, key stakeholders are looking to internal audit to take a more active and relevant role in broad risk management. At the same time, the IA function also must continue to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively in meeting its compliance and control responsibilities.

Transforming the Internal Audit Function

Crowe can help your IA team accelerate this transformation, applying a portfolio of effective tools, technology, and services, including:

Automation   Data Analytics Capabilities   Quality Assessment
Improved IA methodologies, systems, workflows, and reporting.   Advanced tools for data mining, data visualization, trend analysis, and predictive analytics.   Addressing governance and quality issues related to the IA function itself.

With broad IA experience across a wide range of industries and operating models, Crowe offers objectivity and expertise to help guide your IA team through this critical transformation, with the ultimate goal of helping internal audit reach a new level of competency in their role in the business.

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