Organizational Change

A Consistent, Integrated Approach to Organizational Transformation

The need for organizational transformation may grow out of a variety of circumstances – such as a change in strategic direction, a merger or acquisition, or an operating system that has simply grown unnecessarily complex and costly. Regardless of the risk factors driving the need to restructure, Crowe Horwath provides valuable support in the critical yet frequently overlooked area of organizational change.

The Challenges of Managing Change

The change journey must be effectively planned and managed, and the challenge of truly embedding change into your organization should never be underestimated. No matter what operating model your organization uses, or how long you have been designing and planning your change program, the important role your people will play in the effort should be a preeminent risk consideration.

A Strategic Approach to Change

Crowe can help you develop a consistent and integrated view of change, and help you take a strategic approach that considers people and structures alongside business process and system implementations. Our experienced professionals work to understand your challenges quickly and identify what actions will be required to deliver a successful transformation.

Key Crowe change management services include:

Defining the vision and targeted outcomes, developing the communication plan, aligning the leadership team around the vision, and engaging your people behind the effort
Developing the right organizational model to achieve your strategic aims in terms of governance, management processes, team structure, roles, and responsibilities
Building and enhancing the necessary knowledge and skills that will empower your people to perform their roles
Embedding change in performance measurement, minimizing potential negative impacts on the business stemming from the transition, while also confirming that “people readiness” is aligned to “technical readiness”
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