Third-Party Risk Management Services

Third-Party Risk Management Services

Managing Your Organization’s “Network” of Relationships

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In the race to stay competitive, organizations are partnering with more third parties than ever. While the rewards may be compelling, identifying, quantifying, and mitigating the risk can be an overwhelming task. Crowe Horwath LLP’s suite of third-party risk management services can assist your organization in optimizing its program, analyzing its portfolio of relationships, and assessing individual third parties to help minimize potential harm and maximize return.

How We Can Help

Crowe provides solutions, technology, and ideas to make the most of your third-party risk management activities. Whether it’s supporting discrete assignments, augmenting staff, or performing a holistic assessment of your program, our experienced team of professionals can assist you in understanding and managing third-party risks. If the third parties you work with span the globe, our team can provide you with qualified resources overseas for third-party risk management activities.

Crowe helps clients by providing:

Baseline your overall third-party risk management program against leading practices to assess if your organization's combination of vendor due diligence, supply chain management, distribution channel programs, and partner relationship management is appropriately protecting your organization and its interests. We will provide you with a strategic road map that outlines how your organization can improve by maximizing the time and expense you spend on third-party risk management.
Aggregate all third-party relationships and prioritize these relationships by risk levels using technology and proven methods to obtain a true risk landscape of your third parties. This can help you organize what may seem like an unmanageable list of third parties into a prioritized list based on the likelihood and impact of harm to your organization. To make the process more efficient and effective, Crowe can leverage its proprietary Web-based Risk Assessment Platform.
Audit or perform compliance reviews for individual third-party relationships. Using a combination of virtual and on-site assessments, Crowe can provide visibility into the operations and control structures of the organizations you rely upon. This includes a suite of services to audit unique agreements and relationships for which your team may need to supplement its expertise, including cloud services vendors, international suppliers and distribution channels, franchisees and licensees, and offshore customer service arrangements, just to name a few.
Produce SSAE 16/SOC reports for service organizations requiring attestation to their customers on controls. .
Identify ways to reduce the overall cost of your third-party relationships through process improvement or enforcing the economic terms of the agreement. We can help you identify errors in invoicing, whether you are overpaying or paying too soon, and if you have competitive contracts for goods and services. Learn more about our expense benchmarking services .
Maximize the benefits from your third-party relationships through our 360-degree assessments. We assess governance and communication activities within your organization, identify opportunities for improving processes, and examine the root causes of performance issues. Learn more about our strategic sourcing services for manufacturing and distribution .

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