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Minimize Risk With Crowe Third-Party Risk Assessments

Today’s intricate web of vendors, suppliers, affiliates, and other third parties can expose organizations to an array of risk management challenges. As third-party relationships grow more complex, organizations are exposed to new types of financial, compliance, and operational risks. Identifying these risks, assessing their potential impact, and determining appropriate mitigation strategies requires both experience and an objective perspective.

Identifying Risks

Crowe Horwath can help you identify, quantify, and mitigate third-party risk. Crowe offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes third-party assessments, supplier compliance evaluations, and vendor risk assessment services that can help you gather the right risk intelligence to make sound management decisions:

Identify and assess cybersecurity and IT security risks stemming from your relationships with third parties.

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Through third-party compliance evaluations, identify exposure to regulatory risk from the actions of vendors, suppliers, and other third parties.

Evaluate the adequacy of steps third parties are taking to protect the physical security of data and other assets to which they have access or to which they control.

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Assess third parties’ business continuity and disaster recovery plans and programs, particularly for relationships that are identified as being mission critical or strategic.

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Determine how your third parties are handling confidential consumer information (CCI) or other nonpublic information (NPI), including appropriate use that’s in line with consumer consent; protection from unauthorized exposure or theft; appropriate data transfers including cross-border; and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

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Evaluate how third parties could expose you to potential operational losses, reputation risks, and customer relations risks, along with risks associated with outdated technology or other operational issues.
Determine the continued financial viability of third parties, particularly for relationships identified as mission-critical or strategic.
For financial services organizations, assess how third parties are complying with regulations for collections and management of accounts in default.
Assess the maturity and effectiveness of your suppliers’ and vendors’ own third-party risk programs, and identify additional risk exposure you could encounter because of them.
Assess the contract documents that govern third-party relationships to evaluate how effectively they identify, define, and mitigate third-party risk, in order to minimize both risk exposure and potential damages.

The Crowe Advantage – Focus, Expertise, and Experience

Crowe professionals are adept at identifying, assessing, and proposing mitigation strategies for third-party risks. Crowe has a history of uncovering risks that might otherwise go undetected and has performed hundreds of such assessments every year. Our specialists bring dedicated focus to the task, along with risk management expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and in-depth understanding of today’s fast-changing risk environment.

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